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Muleya Attorneys provides excellent and expert driven legal opinions and solutions to our clients, our aim is achieved by remaining an exclusive law firm whilst becoming a dominant force and major role player in the legal industry, thereby growing in step with South Africa’s development and burgeoning economy.

Pride in Law

Maintaining high levels of professionalism , execute all instructions within ethical bounds, and absolute commitment to honesty and consistency.

Forward Thinking

The firm is diverse and responsive to issues and challenges of empowerment and transformation in the industry and the business market as whole.

Quality Services

Our team of vibrant, motivated and highly skilled professional, coupled with well-trained personnel provide an above par tailor made legal service.

We Understand Individual Client Needs

Thoroughly understanding clients individual needs to offer sustainable, operational and innovative solutions in a cost effective manner. To remain relevant and keep up with modern business trends, while keeping our exclusivity.


Everything you need in a Law firm

  • Innovative and Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Proven and Practical Solutions
  • Legal Compliance, Risk Aversion and Business Sense

Why Choose Us?

We focus strongly on the needs of our clients and their respective businesses.

Rapid Response

Appropriate Advice

Cost Effective

Corporate and Commercial Law Firm

As a corporate and commercial law firm, we offer a full spectrum of legal services.

Corporate and Commercial Law Firm

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About Us

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